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Durango TV Station

Durango TV (DTV) is Durango’s original local television station serving the greater Durango area on Charter/Spectrum Channel 15. FASTSIGNS|Durango TV leases and operates the local channel.

Durango TV provides Durango residents with daily newscasts from KUSA Denver 9 NEWS. When Denver 9 NEWS finishes its broadcasts, Durango TV switches to local programming, including our short collection of news stories produced by Durango TV News.
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DTV News

Denver-based news programming rarely covers news outside the Front Rage.  To fill the gap, FASTSIGNS|DurangoTV launched Durango TV News in October 2013 with relevant stories about Southwest Colorado.   The show includes headline news stories, local business stories, and features about the people, places and events that make Southwest Colorado the special region that it is.

Durango TV News runs on Charter/Spectrum Channel 1. It airs before and after Denver 9 NEWS and several additional times per day. News stories are updated daily.

Durango TV News also runs closed captioned news stories on a growing number of digital displays around town waiting areas where customers have waiting times between 5-15 minutes.

Other Programming

Durango TV Station shares content with Telluride TV and partners with other video production companies to offer a wide variety of programming for our viewers, i.e. Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Video Series,  Small Business Revolution – Main Street USA, and more.

Relevant Stats on Durango TV Station

• Only TV station that carries Denver News and Southwest Colorado News Programming

• Reaches approximate 6,500 Households or 18,000 viewers through Spectrum Cable Channel 15

• Durango TV is included in every Charter/Spectrum Cable TV package

• 70 percent of homes in Durango are Cable Subscribers

• 70 percent of hotels are Cable Subscribers – 1 hotel is considered as 1 household

• Reaches Durango residents thorugh digital sgns in and around Durango.     
     - Department of Motor Vehicles     
     - Durango La Plata County Airport       
     - Durango Sports Club     
     - Durango Urgent Care   
     - PJ's Gourmet Market
          .....more to come

Community Hour

Community Hour runs on Durango TV Station through the day. This hour is dedicated to running content created by our community and about our commumity.

Meet the Team

Wendy Graham Settle

Anchor for Durango TV News. 

Alex Wilson

Deborah Uroda

Contribution: News director, reporter, occasional host for Durango TV News, Idea person. Characteristics: Sassy, creative, can talk to a brick wall. Award-winning journalist. Well connected, loves a good party and good champagne, and makes wonderful tamales. Other Talents: Can make Christmas dinner in a dutch oven on the back porch; loves to ski, hike, fish, and find good stories for Durango TV News.

Off Camera

Laurie Sigillito

Contribution: Owner, Visionary and Business Strategist. Characteristics: Smart, determined, quick to find the next best idea.Other Talents: Owns FASTSIGNS and serves on several local board

DTV Programming

DTV Programs are produced to entertain and educate residents, potential residents and guests of our community.  All programming is either produced by FASTFORWARD Media, by other local video production companies or individuals from the area.​

Durango TV News:

30-Minute News Show – Dedicated to expressing our town, our neighbors, the people, our businesses, the lifestyle and our love for adventure.

Produced Weekly - In-studio and On-Location



Top Headline Stories, It's Your Money,
Healthy Living

Hosted by: Wendy Graham Settle

News Producer: Deborah Uroda

Production Company: FASTFORWARD Media 


Durango TV Station Charter Cable Channel 15 - 9 times daily.

Events and What Not:

Special programming to support the wealth of events and festivities in and around the community: Snowdown, Durango Independent Film Festival, Music in the Mountains, Iron Horse Bicycle Race, etc.

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