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Beautifying Empty Store Fronts Downtown

The Durango Business Improvement District wants to use empty storefronts downtown for artistic installations. Artists can earn a small stipend for creating individual displays.

Real Estate Update: Latest Housing Prices

How much is your house worth? What’s the average price of a house right now in La Plata County? How long will a typical house be for sale on the market? Find out more with this update.

County Update: Taking Care of Children

Learn more about La Plata County’s foster-care program and how you can help care for children who’ve been removed from their families because of abuse or neglect.

Hold the Sun’s Warmth in Your Hands

A Durango woman with Raynaud’s Syndrome was looking for a way to keep her fingers warm during outdoor, cold-weather activities. She and her partner have created a unique solution.

Tips to Make Your Holiday Travel Easier

Traveling during the holidays can be a pain, but follow some of these travel tips from Durango Airport Director Tony Vicari, and turn your trip into a smooth ride rather than a roller-coaster of stress.

Need to Protect Your Assets from Creditors?

When you’re facing a lawsuit for damages, you may want to protect your assets from potential creditors, but the time to do that is before a crisis hits to avoid defrauding creditors. Learn more in this segment of It’s Your Money with Charles Spence.

Fourth-Grade Demons win YAFL Super Bowl

The fourth-grade Demons won the Youth American Football League ‘Super Bowl’ championship for the second year in a row. Coach Noah Lopez attributes a strong returning roster for the winning season.

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