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Escalante Students Grow Lettuce in Winter

When the romaine lettuce recall occurred last fall, Escalante Middle School students kept Durango schools in lettuce leaves thanks to a hydroponic garden they’re tending.

Days for Girls Team Sews Feminine Hygiene Kits

When girls in developing countries get their periods, lack of feminine hygiene products forces many to stay home from school. But volunteers are helping by sewing reusable hygiene kits.

Ignacio Youth Bowling Team Heads to State Tourney

A youth bowling team from Ignacio wants to compete in the state bowling tournament in Greeley, but they need your help to get there. Find out about their fund-raising event!

Enjoy Old-Fashioned Silent Movies with Live Piano

Experience the silent-movie era with Durango’s own, award-winning ragtime piano player Adam Swanson. He plays scores to classic silent movies. Find out when he performs next.

Group Wants Civility Back in Public Forums

A group of La Plata County residents wants to restore civility in the public arena. Find out what they’re doing to reduce bullying and name-calling in community conversations.

Pro-Tax Committee: Pay Now or Pay More Later

A political advocacy committee says approval of a proposed sales tax increase now will save taxpayers millions of dollars in deferred construction expenses.

Why Exercise Doesn’t Always Help You Lose Weight

Dr. Ashley Lucas with PHD Weight Loss explains why exercise alone isn’t enough to lose weight and why changing your eating habits is more effective.

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