WATTS UP: Tapping Into Employee Expertise

LPEA CEO Mike Dreyspring explains why employees have joined forces with LPEA board members to research alternative energy source options for the cooperative. _

IT'S YOUR MONEY: New Tax Bill & Business

Pat Barrett with Tafoya Barrett and Associates explains the biggest changes to business iincome tax laws.

The Art of Gift-Giving at Solstice Market

Original paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, textile art and clothes, you’ll find it all at the Durango Art Center’s annual Winter Solstice Market. Find out what curator Peter Hay looks for in his selections.

How Has the Animas Fared after Fires?

The Animas River was hit with wastewater from the Gold King Mine in 2015, then this past summer, sludge and debris flowed into the river from the 416 Fire burn areas. Which was worst?

ACLU Sends 2nd Warning Letter to City

As the Durango City Council considers new amendments to curb camping by homeless residents on city property, the ACLU sends a second warning letter about the possible unconstitutionality of the changes.

Flood Relief

La Plata County has applied for more than $4 million in Watershed Restoration Funding to repair flood damage from the 416 Fire.

New Home for Animas High

After spending 10 years in temporary quarters that ranged from a commercial office complex to manufactureed buildings, Animas High School is ready to build a permanent campus.

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